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Residence rules
1. Check in time starts from 14:00 check Out until 12:00.

We offer the possibility of early check-in (before 14:00) and late departure (after 12:00) upon availability and confirmation by the. If you come earlier 14 hours, and available seats the or is cleaned, then you can wait in the lobby or have a Cup of tea in the kitchen, you can also leave your bags in the Luggage storage and go for a walk in Moscow. You can spend time in the hostel after check-out (after 12:00) waiting for a taxi, train, plane.

2. To extend my stay at his place is also possible if the next day this place is not occupied by anyone. 

3. When you check in you have to pay for the stay. We accept cash rubles and Bank cards. Store, please check for payment before the end of the stay.

4. Bed linen and towels in our hostel is free. Don't forget to take them when checking out.

5. We are allowed free accommodation for children under 7 years in parents ' bed.

6. From 23:00 to 7:00 please keep quiet in the hostel.

Night – time rest and a good night's sleep!

7. Smoking is PROHIBITED in the hostel. Smoke please on the street.

8. In our hostel we have a strict "dry law". Drinking alcohol and being in a state of intoxication is PROHIBITED. If you violate this rule we will have to refuse You to stay in the hostel Polyanka without refund.

9. A big request to reside in our hostel as not to disrupt the enjoyment of other guests: do not turn on loud music, gadgets, do not shout, do not swear.

Respect other guests, then others will respect you!

10. Leave valuables away in lockers or at reception. For all other personal items, the administrator is not responsible.

11. If You messed up (smashed, broke, etc.) kind of property you need to pay the full cost.

12. It is FORBIDDEN to bring, store and use in our hostel explosives and flammable substances, mercury, weapons, drugs, chemical and radioactive devices.

The property has the right to evict violators, according to the rules of public order and the laws of the Russian Federation.

 Clean – the guarantee of health!

1. Clean the kitchen, wash the dishes and tables behind him.

2. Do not leave your things in common areas.

3. Do not eat or store food in bedrooms.

4. While in the hostel, please change your or purchased from the administrator's Slippers instead of outdoor shoes.

Read the Contract of the offer you can here